Daniel Jean-Louis

Daniel Jean-Louis is an entrepreneur and founder of a business investment firm with a passion for job creation through businesses in Haiti. Since 2013, his investment firm Bridge Capital has provided debt and equity investment to Haitian companies seeking credit or working capital to accomplish their objectives. In addition, he owns and operates Trinity Lodge, the #1 guest house in Port-au-Prince according to Trip Advisor customer feedback.

As co-author of the book, “From Aid to Trade: How Aid Organizations, Businesses, and Governments Can Work Together: Lessons Learned From Haiti” (Fresh Strategy Press, 2016), he advocates a shift “from aid to trade” through ambitious, practical solutions to build up innovative businesses—and viable economies—in Haiti and around the globe. Visit www.fromaidtotrade.org to learn more about the book and ways you can join this global movement.

With experience as a business development specialist in Haiti, Jean-Louis has not only consulted for-profit and non-profits alike, but continues to lead courses in business, entrepreneurship, and leaders at Quisqueya University (UNIQ) and the Haitian State University (UEH) in Port-au-Prince.

Prior, he worked with Partners Worldwide as the Partnership Manager of Haiti, where he launched and currently directs the 100,000 Jobs in Haiti Initiative. Jean-Louis also served as Senior Consultant through the Center for Specialized Leadership, a consulting company that provides tailored business services, organizational leadership training, coaching and mentoring. Some of the organizations he provided consulting services include Oxfam Intermon, Kindernothilfe, Compassion, Haiti Tec, Rescare, Institut National de Formation Professionelle (INFP) and IDEJEN/USAID.

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